First of all may i say what a pleasure it must be for you to read my first blog and for you to gain an insight into the world of one of the finest racehorses on the planet.

For first time readers I can inform you that I am the most popular horse in the yard as proven by me having both the greatest number of owners and a better class of clientele (Lord Vernon of Kirkby)

Poser Brad is very jealous of this and when he starts bragging about his overseas owner’s in particular the chap from Dresden I simply kick him in the cannon bone and remind him about my own foreign owner’s Hughie from Scotland and Dave from Newcastle.

I recently lost my next-door neighbour Mak (Mark Anthony) who is trying out on a new career as a show jumper and may be returning to his native country the USA.

Mak was a right weirdo and to be honest I am pleased that he has gone as he was obsessed with me and just wouldn’t leave me alone, those bumbling servant’s Bean and Carrot even decided to knock a hole through the wall so that Mak could constantly look through the gap in order to admire me.

I told Shaun that if that hole went a brick or two lower then old ten-bob would be packing his bags and be on his way. 

As you know I am in charge at the yard and with Southwell under water I have recently spent my time leading out the youngsters and I can report that thanks to my expert tuition they are coming along very nicely.

On the subject of Southwell the fruitcake that try’s to run Notts Racing sent me a text at 10.30 last night to ask me to listen to the Radio Nottingham i player in order to listen to an interview with the Southwell Racecourse manager.

For once it was a decent tip and it was a very interesting conversation although I was very annoyed that Tenancy the King of the fibresand was not even mentioned. It's just typical of the BBC, they are such bloody amateurs, I have written to Peter O Sullevan asking for an explanation.

Anyway it turns out that racing resumes on the turf on Feb 4th (A run at last for that lazy git Richo) and then back on the all weather a day later.

This is good news, as I love a day out at Southwell especially in apprentice races as I love to terrorise all those wet behind the ears nappy-wearing jockeys.

It’s such fun; as of course if they knew it was scary old Ten-bob they wouldn’t take the ride so Shaun cons them into thinking that they are booked to ride Frankel and explains to them that Cecil has finally lost his marbles and wants to land a gamble at Southwell, When I get to the course I slip on a hood and as the stalls opens off it goes and then bingo the jockey sees old ten bob and poos his pants as I set off down the track like a scalded cat. If they get cocky and start to ride me I just down tools, its great entertainment.

Today I have been enjoying playing in the snow and it took three of those silly humans to catch me, Tommy then decided to join in on the fun and he had a boxing match with Shaun who must have wished that he had stayed at Wooly.

I quite like Shaun but it’s that stupid woman that he lives with that gets up my nose.  When Shaun is away from the yard she acts like she is in charge and never lets up for one minute its either  “Take the yearlings for a walk Tenancy” or ‘Take Alex for a canter in the woods Tenancy”  ‘Answer that phone Tenancy” or her never ending recital of  “ Pour me another glass of wine Tenancy”

I am thinking about giving her another one of my special love bites as that always keeps her away from me for a while.

Talk of the devil here comes Mrs Carrot- No one messes around with old Ten -bob