First of all thanks to all my owners for turning up to watch me upon my return to racing it must have been a real thrill and privilege for you all to see me back in action.

I do enjoy my trips to the beach and as usual I took with me my golf clubs, bucket and spade. (The latter just in case that women turned up)

As you know I have been busy leading out the babies at home and need to get myself back to full fitness therefore I was quite pleased to have completed the full 18 holes.

After my morning round of golf I retired to my to my Southwell stable and was just about to settle down for an afternoon snooze when out of nowhere that annoying women that hangs around with Shaun appeared and worse still she was breathing and had a brush in her hand (Librarians you now know to file this blog under fiction) she then proceeded to mess around with my mane before ordering me to get my saddle on and get ready for the race.

She is so annoying, however I did have a laugh in the parade ring as apparently Shaun told Winston that he was booked to ride poser Brad and when he saw it was old Tenbob he ran for cover and hid in the bushes (Yes we all know why he went in the bushes)

She and Shaun then searched high and low for another jockey and they eventually found an Irishman propped up at the bar and they somehow talked him into him getting the leg up.

His name was Liam and my initial thoughts were to scare the hell out of him and send him back to Dublin however I do like my afternoon nap and therefore after blazing out of the stalls I thought to myself that’s enough for today and decided to doze off during the last 2 furlongs. When I woke up I had the fright of my life as there was a giant tractor running behind me and it was trying to turn me into Tesco burgers, I had no option but to run for my life and I bolted round for another circuit.

Some wag in the crowd shouted “No need to run so fast Tenbob it’s travelling at the same speed as Ricco does coming out of the stalls”

When I finally gave it the slip I made my way to the unsaddling enclosure and to my dismay, there she was waiting for me, hands on hips, lips pursed and all guns blazing, she had a right old moan at me telling me that I was a good for nothing son of a cow and that I had been showing off again, she even accused me of being a drama Queen.

I said to her “Hark who’s talking when Sedgey went into hospital to have his toe nail clipped you would have thought that Prince Albert had died”

I do feel a bit fitter for the run and I will soon be getting my head in front and will be showing them other pretenders in the yard just how its done.

Brad ran at Wooly on Friday night and could only finish 6th I have been telling him for months that if he kept burning the candle at both ends he would eventually pay the price.  He thinks that he is the horse version of George Best and those boozy late night outs with Shaun at Wolverhampton and early morning photo shoots with Polly and Mart have finally caught up with him, hopefully now that his ego has been dented he might decide to buckle down and concentrate on his racing again.

I must tell you about my new neighbor Hellbender, I feel really sorry that he’s been saddled with such a devilish name but he is a bit of a fruitcake and has this strange habit of eating his stable door. I said to Shaun “How come I get all the weirdo’s I have just got rid of Mak and now have to live next to another bender”

Finally I can inform you that the female contingent of Notts Racing are doing well, the young filly “Mazz” is a cheeky little madam and has been cantering nicely and Red told me that she will be running at Southwell as soon as the 5 furlong races start up again.


That’s all for now folks keep the faith I will soon be back in that winners enclosure!


Love Tenbob xx