Brad enjoying the Autumn sunshine.


Dear Owners and fans,
I continue to enjoy my holiday lounging about eating,sleeping and going to the toilet.
Yesterday I had a lovely brush,pamper and rug change which I enjoyed. That Richo was too busy cozying up to the pony next door, she is such a tart, so I had all the attention.
The food is plentiful although a bit repetitive. 
Now we have our hooves under the table we are being more mischievous. The other day we decided to keep quiet and hide so when the small person came out she panicked as she thought we had disappeared. We thought it was funny to peep round the shelter and say 'Boo! Here we are'. The small person said a lot of words I don't think well bred beasts like us should have to hear.
On Sunday we decided to rearrange some electric fencing but unfortunately in doing so broke some poles so we heard the bad words again.We decided to have a go at dancing round a pole, it was good fun.
There are lots of horses going past with riders on but they go a lot slower than we do and the riders sit differently. Sometimes we look attentive but I am usually too busy scoffing. They often talk to the small person if she is about.
When it was very windy the small person blew over and the wheelbarrow emptied its contents on her. Ha ha we thought that was such a wheeze as she had been poo-picking. I thought bad words were said but it was very windy so I might have misheard.
On a final note I understand that it is the season to be jolly ( someone tell Shaun) therefore I would like to send you my best wishes and i look forward to seeing you all upon my return to Pinewood in the New Year.
Hrrrmmphs from Brad xx