Hi everyone my name is Fathom Five although everyone the yard knows me as Vinnie as I am a bit of a tough nut just like my namesake Vinnie Jones.
I decided to put pen to paper to tell you that I might be going for my hat trick of victories at Ripon next week, but for that to happen I would like you all to do a rain dance as I like a bit of juice in the ground.
It would be great if I could achieve 3 wins on the bounce, as it would show some of the younger upstarts at Pinewood Stables who the boss is around here.
When I first arrived here the younger horses thought that I was well past my sell buy date but I have proved them wrong winning on 4 occasions and I have certainly shown them a thing or two.
Tommy, Rocky, and Brad were always bragging about their exploits, that was until I told them that if in my younger days I won off 93 and 91, was 2nd in the Ascot dash, 2nd in a listed race, and achieved a rating of 100! 
However Pinewood is a very nice place to live and I have 4 meals a day, free use of the paddock and spa, and in fact I have never been happier.
The spa is the place to be, 'That" is when you can get in as Brad (El Bravo) is always hogging it, he is such a poser and I can tell you that if he were made of carrot he would eat himself.
Anyway wish me luck as I go for the 3 timer, and remember to sing a song or do that rain dance.
Bye for now Vinnie xxx