Just a quick note that I have settled in well to my new accommodation.  Richo and I are in the night paddock (at night) and in the main field in the day, mainly so an eye can be kept on us as CCTV covers the night area.  I am eating up well and am privileged to be wearing a lovely warm Mark Todd combo rug that belonged to my 2-legged friend's beloved old horse. It has been in the "rug wardrobe" at home for 7 years!! Needless to say it is now not as clean as it was when I first had it on.
Yesterday I decided that I would try sticking my head through the electric fencing (not on) - it wasn't a good idea.
Richo & I have both quickly identified who provides food (2 legged friend), who lets us out (2 legged friend) and who poo picks (2 legged friend). I am pleased to say that we are in good books, as this latter task does not seem so onerous as with Ralph when he was lucky enough to stay!
We are being spied on at night and think 2-legged friend actually finds it really interesting to see what we get up to; Richo has been lying down on the outside rubber matting. He is a bit of a give away as his reflective rug strips stand out like beacons on the infra-red. However we spend large parts of the night sleeping (or at least being very still). [More than 2 legged friend as don't think she has been getting much sleep!]
The pony next door (chestnut mare) has been flirting with both of us, but I thinks she is not thoroughbred enough for me to be involved with her. Richo is smitten, he stood at the fence this morning waiting for her to be let out, and she came flying across to flirt with him. There does not seem to be much point in running about, too busy scoffing the grass.
I am missing the glitz, glamour and the cameras but feel the need to recharge my batteries before I go back to face my adoring public.
Be in touch soon, a very contented
Brad x