Bradley Falbrav Wiggins

Pinewood Racing Stables S803BT


Dear Owners,


I would take this opportunity to inform you that after receiving constant reminders and rude remarks from that  fruitcake and  Big Cheese that try to run Notts racing (I am of course referring to Stew and Tenancy) that I have decided to put my acting and fashion career on a temporary hold and concentrate on my racing.


I am sure that you all recognised my bravery last time out in London where I managed to squeeze through all sorts of gaps to nab 3rd place. and I followed this up with another good run last Tuesday when Shaun took me to Southwell to do a gallop after racing, afterwards he was buzzing and my rider top apprentice Michael Murphy was also full of praise and insisted that he joins me on a trip to Scotland on Sunday.


I might not like it if the ground becomes too sticky other than that I will be hoping to give you a big run as I am in great form and carry a fairly low weight.


Shaun is very pleased with me and told me that since i got out of the media spotlight my condition and mental attitude has become much improved.


On another note I am sure that you have become aware that “Big Cheese” writes his own blog and he has been bragging off to all the other horses as to how clever he is, however I have gone one better and have opened my own Twitter account and you can read my thoughts by following me  @_El_Bravo_


I have just arrived in  Scotland and therefore as its a Saturday night me and my pals Rocky and Tommy might just nip out for a wee dram.

Medam and Blue have also travelled but I have told them that it is a boys night out and that they will have to stay in to guard the grub.


Finally may I on behalf of all of the horses, dogs, cats, ferrets, humans, and weirdo’s at pinewood stables thank you for your continued support and wish you all a Happy Easter.





Bradley xx

P.S Thats me with the cute orange cheekpieces.